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Michelin Medium Race Tire-180/55/17

Michelin Medium Race Tire-180/55/17

Product Information
Michelin Medium Race Tire-180/55/17

  • The first dualcompound performance tire with an intermediate compound in the center of the tread for durability, and a softer compound on the shoulders for cornering grip. All compounds were originally developed for MotoGP racing
  • Three compounds available: Power Race Medium, an intermediate compound in the center and soft compound on the shoulders; Power Race Medium Soft, an intermediate compound in the center, super soft compound on the shoulders; Power Race Soft, soft compound overall, no dual compound
  • Excellent high speed stability thanks to carcass construction made up of two angled polyester plies and a zerodegree aramid belt
  • Semislick tread pattern to maximize the contact patch especially at full lean, and increase stability of the tread. Tread grooves are oriented to evacuate water from the contact patch in damp track conditions
  • Rounded front profile and sharper rear profile actually help shift the weight of the bike toward the front for improved front end feedback under braking. This also minimizes the need for adjusting suspension settings
  • W speed rating: unlike some ultra highperformance tires, every Power race size carries the W speed rating, ensuring compliance with the most demanding certifications and simplifying tire selection.

Price: $269.95 $159.99

Product Code: 0302-0048

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