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AFAM 520 Chain and Sprocket Kit - Suzuki GSXR1000 (2001-2006)

AFAM 520 Chain and Sprocket Kit - Suzuki GSXR1000 (2001-2006)

Product Information

AFAM 520 Chain and Sprocket Kit - Suzuki GSXR1000 (2001-2006)

AFAM sprockets are made on precision controlled equipment in a modern 25,000 square foot facility. The teeth are machined to the latest standards, this ensures the maximum chain life and more efficient power transmission. Machining is carried out on a gear hobbing machine. The teeth and the outside diameter are cut at the same time. This makes sure that the teeth are concentric to the sprocket center. Most OEM’s demand a maximum run-out of 0.5mm, all AFAM sprockets have a maximum run-out of 0.2mm. More than twice as accurate as the industry standard!

Most steel sprockets to be used on motorcycles 500cc or more are heat treated, which changes the hardness of the material. If not done correctly it can produce a brittle part. AFAM use induction hardening to accurately control this process. After hardening, the sprockets are tempered to produce exactly the correct hardness for durability and efficient power delivery. To correct any distortion that may have occurred during these stages, the sprockets are put through a final flattening machine. All aluminum sprockets are made from heat treated 7075-T6 aluminum. After precision machining and flattening they are hard anodized for durability and corrosion resistance.

Kit comes D.I.D. 520ERV3 Chain

Will come packaged as either AFAM or Driven.  They are the same company.   

Price: $243.99 $199.99

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Product Code: 15A1007-8

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