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Tail Light Integrator Kit

Tail Light Integrator Kit

Product Information
Tail Light Integrator Kit

Lighten up your tail and get a sleek new look with the Integrator Kit. This kit integrates the rear turn signals with the factory tail/brake light assembly, giving you the choice to remove the rear turn signals and fender completely. For safety conscious riders, this kit gives you the option for a pulsing brake light as well as an extra set of turn signals by utilizing a part of the brake light as a marker light in addition to your OEM signals. Not only does it work with sportbikes, cruisers and touring bikes, this kit even works on the third brake light of some cars. Combine this kit with a fender eliminator kit for a smooth, polished style.
If you have LED tail lights, you must use a different integrator kit- LED Integrator Kit

Price: $45.95

Product Code: lp400-1000

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