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Akrapovic Racing Full Exhaust (Hex) System- Suzuki GSXR1000 (2007-2008) Single System

Akrapovic Racing Full Exhaust (Hex) System- Suzuki GSXR1000 (2007-2008) Single System

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Akrapovic Racing Full Exhaust (Hex) System- Suzuki GSXR1000 (2007-2008) Single System

The Racing and Evolution exhaust systems are the top of the line of the Akrapovic range, designed for riders who demand the most from their exhaust system in terms of both quality and performance. This is the perfect tuning for shaving seconds from your lap times on any track. The Racing and Evolution versions for the Suzuki differ only in their materials. The header tubes for both systems are formed using HYDROFORMING technology! With the Akrapovic Racing or Evolution Single system (with single muffler) you will benefit from a major power increase and maximum weight savings compared to the stock Suzuki exhaust system.

The system provides a linear increase throughout the entire range, with the greatest increase at the very top of the range. With the Evolution the rear wheel puts out a huge 176.2 HP at 12300 rpm. The max. increased power is 10.2 HP at 6600 rpm.

The 4-2-1-1 configurations of the RACING and EVOLUTION OPEN systems are identical, differing only in material selection. The RACING uses stainless steel, the EVOLUTION  titanium. The upper part of the header tubes are conical and formed using the state-of-the-art HYDROFORMING procedure, where the tubes are formed using pressurized water. Using this procedure we have obtained maximum exploitation of the exhaust gas flow. The system leads into two cylindrical collectors, and from there into a single conical link pipe and muffler. The muffler outer sleeve is available in either carbon-fiber or titanium, while the outlet cap is available only in carbon-fiber. The performance is unchanged in either case. The interior of the muffler is also made of titanium. A carbon-fiber muffler bracket is available as an option. All tubes are connected with sleeve joints held together with silicon-shielded tensioning springs. The muffler is attached to the motorcycle with a carbon-fiber clamp.



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