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Akrapovic Racing Full Exhaust System- Yamaha R1 (2007-2008)

Akrapovic Racing Full Exhaust System- Yamaha R1 (2007-2008)

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Akrapovic Racing Full Exhaust System- Yamaha R1 (2007-2008)

The new R1 and the Akrapovic Racing/Evolution system is a combination, which promises extraordinary performance. The engine, with the aid of the Racing/Evolution system releases most power and torque and we believe that the experiencedand racing oriented drivers will take great pleasure in taking advantage ofthe offered invigoration. Beside performance, the change will be also visual as the two “Akrapovics” fit the exterior line of the sharp Yamaha and add a clean racing image. We would like to emphasise that for the above motorcycle a special set of Akrapovic carbon components is also available.


Measurements of the Akrapovic EVOLUTION/RACING system on the YAMAHA YZF R1 Power & Torque: the fitting of the Akrapovic Racing or Evolution system greatly influences the capabilities of the engine. Both power and torque gain in terms of value over the entire rpm area, this increment is most felt from middle rpm onwards. Evolution/Racing system also fills the smaller decrease of torque of the serial exhaust between 6200 and 7400 rpm. Besides this, the torque is substantially higher in a lower rpm area and from middle to high rpm area. On the back wheel we measured an incredible 170 hp at 12500 rpm, while the largest difference of 10.4 HP between the serial and Akrapovic exhaust manifests itself at 6770 rpm


Akrapovic RACING and EVOLUTION for Yamaha R1 has a specific configuration 4-2 1-2, which denotes: 4x header tubes are joined in to a dual collector, from this point on the system continues as a single Y part, from where two mufflers under the seat of the motorcycle. The RACING system has conical header tubes, made from stainless steel, both link pipes are cylindrical, made from titanium, and welded to the muffler. Other connections are in the form of sleeve joints, which is secured with a silicon-shielded spring The muffler can be supplied in two types of the outer sleeve: titanium and carbon fibres. EVOLUTION differs from RACING only by the material of its pipes, which are all made from titanium. The mufflers for EVOLUTION are available in the same two types as for RACING. The metal interior parts of both mufflers are made entirely from titanium. The outlet cap is made from carbon fibres in both cases. On the Y part the two systems have a welded piece for the attachment of the lambda sensor.

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