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Akrapovic Racing Full Exhaust System- Yamaha R6 (2003-2005)

Akrapovic Racing Full Exhaust System- Yamaha R6 (2003-2005)

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Akrapovic Racing Full Exhaust System- Yamaha R6 (2003-2005)

On the track amongst strong competition, every extra horsepower and every shaved gram is a welcome bonus. If you install one of our top-level exhaust systems, you’ll know exactly what we mean!

The exhaust systems which were designed for the R6 represent the top of the Akrapovic range. They combine everything we have gained from our years of experience on the racing scene, top-level know-how and modern production technology. The Akrapovic RACING and EVOLUTION systems are the flagships of our production series. This is proved by numerous amateur and professional riders all over the world. Of course, some riders want to enjoy the racing feeling during everyday riding, so all Akrapovic exhaust systems are developed on stock set-up bikes, including the RACING and EVOLUTION systems for the Yamaha R6. For 2005, the R6 delivers more power than the 2004 model.

NOTE1: We have also developed an Akrapovic EVOLUTION 2 exhaust system for the Yamaha YZF R6, which is intended only for races and championships which allow louder exhaust systems – 107 dB. The EVOLUTION 2 differs from the EVOLUTION and RACING systems in the design of the muffler. The muffler is shorter and louder than the muffler for the EVOLUTION and RACING systems (105.5 dB). The Akrapovic carbon-fiber bracket is mandatory (instead of optional as for the RACING and EVOLUTION). The EVOLUTION 2 is only suitable for certain types of competition!

NOTE2: Racing, Evolution, and Evolution 2 systems with the HEXAGONAL muffler are also available for the 2003-2005 Yamaha YZF R6. Performance is identical to the oval muffler.

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