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Leo Vince Racing Slip-on

Leo Vince Racing Slip-on

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Leo Vince Racing Slip-On

Competition Department experience is built into the specialized SBK products which LeoVinci now offers for the race-replica market. As already indicated, these are not competition-derived products - but competition products. They have been developed to satisfy the requirements of professional riders, and will certainly satisfy the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable amateur. Our SBK range was first shown at the recent Munich Show, and we now offer a product for the majority of this market sector. SBK is based on a range of slip-ons which can be fitted to the OE pipe. All these slip- ons are available in oval or round section, in aluminum, carbon fiber and titanium. This is only the beginning. Very soon, we shall be offering complete systems. As is usual with competition equipment, the SBK range is entirely hand-made. The different slip-ons all have stainless steel internals, whose form and dimensions vary in accordance with the particular requirements of the individual model. The end caps, pipes, brackets, and all fasteners are also made from stainless steel, and every weld is done with the some material to avoid any possible corrosion. All external surfaces are given the Scotch Bright treatment, which is also applied to all the components. This consists of an initial automatic polishing process, followed by manual polishing, which gives the finished product an elegant and professional appearance. The internal structure of the silencers features a competition-grade internal sound- absorbent material, which has been the subject of extensive development. Ceramic fiber is cross-linked using an innovative chemical process, which stands up to a continuous temperature of 850 degrees C, with peaks at up to 1000 degrees C. The diameter and length of fibers used provide a further guarantee of effective sound absorption, and considerable mechanical resistance, to prevent diversion of the exhaust gas. Even the rivets which secure the end caps are designed specifically for applications where pressure resistance and a gas-tight fit are required. From the inside to the outside, in all three versions, the new SBK range offers solutions developed specifically for the racing environment. * SBK Alloy - in this version, the oval section is not obtained by the traditional method of deforming a round tube. Our external tube is extruded, to give a more precise fit between the different parts, and to avoid creation of the stress points which are the inevitable result of ovalisation. Both oval and round pipes, together with all the stainless components, receive a Scotch Bright cleaning and polishing treatment, which removes any surface discoloration, and creates a product with a unique technical appearance. * SBK Carbon - the silencer body in this case is made using a process developed in the field of aeronautics. The skin is formed under high pressure, which gives greatly increased strength when compared with traditional manufacturing systems. While this process is taking place, the inside of the tube is coated with a skin of aluminum alloy, measuring 0.2 mm. This acts as a heat shield to protect the epoxy resin which bonds the fibers together, greatly reducing the risk of heat- induced damage. * SBK Titanium - the tube is formed in either round or oval, and welded in argon gas in a vacuum chamber, to avoid any risk of oxidation. Thanks to its unique physical and chemical characteristics, titanium has the strength of stainless steel, with a weight saving of 50%. It has therefore become the reference material for top-level competition, where lightness, performance, strength and reliability are the only priorities. SBK PERFORMANCE Thanks to the mix of R and D, materials, and manufacture, the SBK range provides a quantitative and qualitative boost to the performance obtained. When compared with the OE exhaust, power increases from the bottom of the engine range, and in the mid and upper range, the increase varies between 5-10%. Power is sustained into the zone beyond the rev-limit, and this sustained power gives the machine an edge under extreme circumstances. At the some time, the torque curve is also enhanced, making the machine more rideable, and giving it a quicker response on tight and winding tracks. It is a well- known fact that, in these conditions, throttle response is determined not by power, but by torque.

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