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Leo Vince SBK Factory Racing Slip-on - Kawasaki ZX10R (2004-2005)

Leo Vince SBK Factory Racing Slip-on - Kawasaki ZX10R (2004-2005)

Product Information

Leo Vince SBK Factory Racing Slip-on - Kawasaki ZX10R (2004-2005)

LeoVince SBK exhausts are the result of experience gained from international competition and laboratory research, using the most sophisticated instruments. The finished article is a product (which thanks to the materials and manufacturing processes adopted, the finish and levels of performance) is of the highest quality currently available on the market. Bearing in mind the quality of the ensemble, the price structure remains highly competitive.


  • Extremely well-built of the highest quality components
  • All internals are constructed of stainless steel including welds
  • End caps, headers, brackets and all fasteners are stainless steel
  • Lighter than stock
  • Largest increase in midrange, more overrev, and no drop off in power allowing you to wring more speed out of every gear
  • Muffler body is lightweight titanium with satin-finish titanium or glossy carbon fiber muffler sleeve
  • The "Slip-on" tail pipes are fitted into the original systems using a short junction pipe

Price: $575.95 $499.99

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Product Code: 18110794

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