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Two Brothers Racing M-2 Slip-On Exhaust Systems - Kawasaki ZX14R (2006-2008)

Two Brothers Racing M-2 Slip-On Exhaust Systems - Kawasaki ZX14R (2006-2008)

Product Information
Two Brothers Racing M-2 Slip-On Dual Exhaust Systems - Kawasaki ZX14R (2006-2008)

The entire line of M Series canisters feature the same high level of quality construction and are designed to be fully serviceable in the event of damage (replacement parts are available, please call us), routine maintenance or the occasional repack. Two Brothers Racing’s M series spring-mounted slip-on canisters all feature our patented and exclusive lightweight thinwall die cast aluminum one-piece inlets and outlets. Our V.A.L.E. (patent pending) slip-on exhaust systems and flange-on systems feature CNC'ed aluminum inlets. These special designs provide for ease of maintenance as well as simplified construction, which is what a premium performance product is all about! The exhaust note produced by all of our Top Level exhaust systems is best described as being deep and throaty without suffering from the shrill whine normally associated with other manufacturer's straight through muffler canisters.

Simply unbolt your existing exhaust muffler and bolt on a Two Brothers Racing canister for even more power, not to mention an enormous weight savings - the OEM exhaust system weighs in at a whopping 28.5 lbs while the Two Brothers systems barely tips the scales at 14.3 lbs.

The V.A.L.E.™ inlet design eliminates the use of springs and creates an adjustable mount that is solid when fixed in place. The system also features a thinwall s-bend tube that connects to the factory header pipes.

The M-2 Canister has a smaller Oval shape than the M-5

  • M-2: Width: 3.75" Height: 4.85"    
  • M-5: Width: 4.00" Height: 5.375"
This is a Dual exhaust slip-on system 

Price: $829.95 $749.99

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