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Bazzaz ZFI Fuel Control Unit- BMW S1000R (2010-2012)

Bazzaz ZFI Fuel Control Unit- BMW S1000R (2010-2012)

Product Information

Bazzaz ZFI Fuel Control Unit- BMW S1000R (2010-2012)

  • Comes complete with a specific application harness, using OEM connectors for easy plug-and-play installation.
  • Preprogrammed with maps for stock and slip-on exhaust.
  • USB II computer interface with easy-to-use software for tuning.
  • Gear dependent fuel trims.
  • Runs all 8 injectors on models with shower head injectors.
  • Closed-loop, self-tuning capabilities with optional Z-AFM kit.
  • For closed course competition use only.
  • Stores 2 maps that are switchable "on-the-fly."
  • Optional Features include: Z-FI QS (Quick Shifter), Z-FI TC (Quick Shifter and Traction Control), and Z-AFM (Air/Fuel Module)


Same product as the 2009-2011 S1000RR
This product will come pre-progammed with 2 enhanced fuel maps:

  • Map 1 slot is loaded for the 2009-2011
  • Map 2 slot is loaded for the 2012

Price: $399.99 $322.95

Product Code: 127246

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