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Dynojet PowerCommander PCIII USB

Dynojet PowerCommander PCIII USB

Product Information
Dyno Jetís new Power Commander series represents a breakthrough technology for motorcycles with original equipment (OEM) fuel injection. Each unit is supplied with a specific map, designed to improve performance over stock. In addition, several maps for alternate tuning packages are included on disk and can be downloaded into the Power Commander module via PC computer. The Power Commander includes an IBM compatible link cable and software package, which allows you to fully map the fuel AND ignition curves on your computer. If no IBM compatible computer is available, the fuel curve can be adjusted using three touch buttons on the faceplate. Dynojet is continuously mapping different modification combinations for each motorcycle and new maps will be available on their web page as they are produced. www.powercommander.com - Installation takes about 5 minutes and uses existing connectors so no cutting or splicing is necessary. - No permanent changes are made to your stock ECU. You can change back to your stock settings by simply unplugging the Power Commander on models with timing adjustment. - Specific timing adjustments are easily made by simply programming the Power Commander using your PC. If you want 10 degrees ignition advance at 20 percent throttle and only at 20 percent throttle you now have that capability. The Power Commander is the ultimate tool in tuning your modern fuel injected sportbike for maximum performance.

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