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CRG GP Folding Clutch/Perch Lever

CRG GP Folding Clutch/Perch Lever

Product Information
CRG GP Folding Clutch/Perch Lever

  • Designed for the serious street and Supermotard racer
  • Variable leverage ratio allows for a lighter or heavier clutch pull, and also allows for a tunable clutch modulation
  • 30mm, 26mm, and 22mm pivot-to-anchor-center position enables the rider to find the right ratio for the given bike or track condition
  • Large detent-style on-the fly adjusting wheel to manually adjust for cable slack and compensate for thermal and wear changes in the system
  • Unique ratcheting thumb pad allows for limited adjustments (60° of turn per engagement) without the rider having to remove his/her hand from the grip.
  • Micro clicker knob allows for infinitely-adjustable static positioning of the lever so it can be tuned in for specific rider preferences depending on hand size, grip diameter, glove thickness and hand fatigue
  • 16mm outer diameter shell bearings, spaced in a wide clevis configuration, for super-smooth action while eliminating lateral slop and play
  • Folding hinge,  Teflon sleeved and heavy-load detent/ball/spring for crash protection
  • 6061 T-6 aluminum CNC-machined billet construction
  • Designed to work with a large range of motorcycles utilizing a cable-actuated clutch and 7/8" (22mm) diameter handle bars

Price: $399.95 $319.99

Product Code: CRGXA90K7
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