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Akuma Helmet - Apache

Akuma Helmet - Apache

Product Information

Akuma Helmet - Apache

The AH-64 Apache was built to endure front-line environments and to operate during the day or night using state of the art electronics. It only made sense to design and engineer a motorcycle helmet the same way.

Features and Benefits
  • Integrated rechargeable power system which powers LED's in the rear vents for higher visibility. 2 Modes: Steady & Flashing.
  • Highly useful ultra bright led built into the front of the helmet. Useful for map reading, maintenance, or in any low-light situation. Light wherever you look. (Not intended for use with visor down or while riding.)
  • Hypoallergenic, removable, & washable interior.
  • Chin-Curtain.
  • Composite Fiberglass/Kevlar construction.
  • Superior airflow through 6 vents.
  • Wind tunnel designed aerodynamic shape.
  • UV resistant clear-coat.
  • Includes wall charger for Power System.
  • "Remove Before Flight" Key Chain
Akuma Helmet Sizing Chart
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Price: $349.00 $299.00

Product Options:
Face Shield

Product Code: v2scd

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