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Akuma Helmet - V1 Ghost Rider

Akuma Helmet - V1 Ghost Rider

Product Information

Akuma Helmet - V1 Ghost Rider

Internal Shape and Fit
The V-1 seems to have a "neutral" fit; by that I mean that it should fit both long oval and round shaped heads, and, believe it or not, Rick claims that it painlessly fits that size XL light bulb between his shoulders without pain, albeit rather snugly.  A neutral fit isn't as easy to accomplish as you'd think, because many of the big-name helmet manufacturers seem to get it wrong, falling on one or the other tail of the normal distribution (aka The "bell" shaped curve), rather than within the one Sigma portion of the curve.

The V-1 in large seems to run true to size; that is, it fits just about how I would expect a size large to fit.  I do think the chin bar and maybe the inside of the visor are just a touch shorter than normal; there's enough room for my nose and chin but it's a tiny bit crowded and the back of the visor tends to steam up just a bit more than I'd like.

  • Coolmax removable/washable liner
  • Weighs 1591 grams (about the same as the Suomy Spec-1 Extreme)
  • Superior night time visibility with red led's in the exhaust vents
  • 6 air vents for increased cooling
  • Wind tunnel designed aerodynamic shape
  • Strategically places LED in front for those low-light situations
  • DOT & ECE 22-05 Certified

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Akuma Helmet Sizing Chart
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Price: $325.00 $269.00

Product Options:
Face Shield

Product Code: AKUZ19

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