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Gilles Rearsets

Gilles Rearsets

Product Information
Gilles Rearsets A radical departure from traditional styling, the Gilles Rear Sets present an aggressive, muscular appearance. Beyond the aesthetics, the Gilles Rear Sets are a completely thought out technical apparatus. Start with all-aluminum construction and CNC machining, add micro-adjustability, and finish with even the smallest details covered (like the toe pegs: the brake side is knurled for positive grip, while the shift side is smooth to enable the boot to move above or below it as necessary). Of course, all parts are available individually, and most parts are interchangeable with stock components. Weight savings over stock rear sets can reach two pounds. Gilles Tooling Rear Sets are the perfect complement to a custom street bike and the perfect accessory for a championship-chasing race bike.

Price: $535.00 $454.99

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