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Ohlins 25MM Supersport Cartridge Fork Kit- Yamaha R6 (2006-2007)

Ohlins 25MM Supersport Cartridge Fork Kit- Yamaha R6 (2006-2007)

Product Information
Ohlins 25MM Supersport Cartridge Fork Kit- Yamaha R6 (2006-2007)

This kit is The equivalant of a Set of Ohlins Forks, Less the Sliders, and Bottoms.
Everything INSIDE a Set of Ohlins RT Forks, comes in this Kit.

  • Includes Complete Internal Cartridge
  • NEW Compression Pistons
  • NEW Rebound Pistons
  • NEW Piston Rings
  • NEW Shims
  • Complete Set of One-Way Valves
  • NEW Washers
  • NEW 25mm Fork Springs
  • Recommended Track Settings
  • External rebound Damping
  • External compression Damping
  • Custom installation available

This is the finest complete fork internal kit made. These are complete fork internal replacements. Includes the inner Cartridge, valves, shim stack, fork cap and spring, all preassembled. You will need one bottle of Ohlins fork oil also. The kit uses Ohlins 25MM valve, this is a vast improvement over any 20MM valve made. We will also include either your choice of springs or we will pick out the correct spring for you. We can also install these kits, we have at our shop expert suspension people.

If you would like our people to install this kit for you, choose the installation option below and we will send you a shipping label via email to send your forks to us.

Price: $1761.90

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