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Ohlins FG800 Superbike Forks

Ohlins FG800 Superbike Forks

Product Information
Öhlins FG800 Superbike Forks

Öhlins FGR800 is the very essence of front fork technology and is the evolutionary result from the FG470, FG570 and FG670. The new, improved front fork comes fully packed with technical solutions from Öhlins MotoGP technicians. The new FGR800 is a giant leap in the evolution of high tech front fork systems. It is of course pressurized as its predecessors but now it is equipped with the latest TTX-technology. The fork bottom and upper fork tube are all made of high quality 7075-T6 aluminum to guarantee a long life without malfunction. The main focus area for the FGR800 is semi-factory racing teams and national teams with a serious interest in claiming the top positions. But demanding private customers in search of that special thrill of having almost identical suspensions as the MotoGP riders on the grid today are of course also potential buyers of these masterpieces.


  • TTX20 technology inside
  • Pressure balanced
  • Consistent behavior, immediate response
  • Wide adjustment range with external adjusters
  • Completely separated compression and
  • Rebound function
  • Lighter inner and outer tubes.
  • New fork bottom design. 
  • Approx 500gr lighter than FG 570. 
  • New improved setting, easier to adjust. 
  • New top cap design. 
  • New manual with more detailed set up information.


Price: $2295.35

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Product Code: fg700

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