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Michelin Pilot Power Street Tire- 190/50-17 Rear Tire

Michelin Pilot Power Street Tire- 190/50-17 Rear Tire

Product Information

Michelin Pilot Power Street Tire- 190/50-17 Rear Tire


Michelin Pilot Power tires are the first series of tires to benefit from a rubber compound formula specific to competition tires: C-RAO (Compounds-Racing Optimization). This C-RAO rubber mix gives the Pilot Power incredible grip, and especially quick warm-up time, with no compromise in durability compared to the current Pilot Sport tire. These properties result from a combination of three 100-percent synthetic components, identical to those used in Michelin MotoGP tires:

• Macro-molecular compounds (MMC)
• High-technology synthetic compounds (HTSC)
• Proprietary, 100-percent synthetic Michelin Racing Synthetic Elastomers (MRSE), which came directly from 2003 Michelin MotoGP tires.

On the Michelin test track at Ladoux, France, riders were able to lean a Pilot Power-equipped bike to an amazing 41.9 degrees in corners - in full-wet conditions! In the dry, they achieved an equally remarkable 50.6-degree lean angle.

At a recent press launch at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Roadracing World’s Steve Atlas commented: “These are the best street tires I’ve ever ridden in my life.”

• Exceptional dry and wet grip:
Very soft rubber. Shore hardness measurements - 58 - confirm that the Michelin Pilot Power is the softest of the Hypersport tires currently available on the market. It is 6% softer than its nearest competitor. Michelin’s unique compound mixes and use of 100% silica ensures that there is no compromise in terms of durability that is normally associated with soft compound tires.

• Reduced warm-up times:
The Michelin Pilot Power owes its quick warm-up time to the advances made in this area with respect to MotoGP tires. In fact, the Michelin Pilot Power benefits from a rubber compound used in MotoGP over the past two years.

• Easy handling, improved rider feedback and maximum lean angles:
The new front profile of the Michelin Pilot Power, derived from the MotoGP tire, as well as its specific construction and rubber compounds, has led to considerable progress in terms of handling and high-speed stability. The combination of all these characteristics also provides better feedback and a more progressive performance whilst cornering.

• The Michelin Pilot Power is the softest tire in its category and does not compromise longevity:
Softer rubber is better at compensating for unevenness of the road/track surface. This is why the Michelin Pilot Power provides excellent grip on wet and dry surfaces. The Michelin Pilot Power also owes its very short warm-up time to its rubber compound, which remains soft even at low temperatures. Until now, the use of soft compounds resulted in rapid tread wear. The revolutionary Pilot Power has spectacularly improved the grip, whilst preserving the longevity of the tire. This is due to the use of ultra fine silica, new additives and synthetic elastomers.

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