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Carrozzeria Forged Aluminum Wheels

Carrozzeria Forged Aluminum Wheels

Product Information
Carrozzerria Forged Aluminum Wheels Carrozzerria is the pioneer of Forged Aluminum Wheels for Motorcycles, which allow us to crete a product that is lighter, stronger, more durable, and longer lasting than any other wheels available on the market. Our products allows for enchanced ride- ability, and lighter overall weight of the motorcycle. The Forging process has been in existence for hundreds of years by using the technological advances of the modern era. Because of the highest standards of strength and safety are of utmost importance. This technology of shaping metal is still currently used in aerospace and high performance automotive industries, but never before untill Hi Point introduced this in motorcycle markets a few years ago. Forging improves the structure of metal by refining the grain size of the metal. This process makes metal stronger and more docile than cast metal. The metal also has a greater resistance to fatigue and impact. Our wheels are typicaly exhiniting up to 1.8 times stronger than other manufactures who use a non-forging process. As a result, our safety standerds set by the NHTSA, D.O.T., Japan's JWL, and Europe's TUV. When you compare our Forged Aliminum Wheels with Magnesium or Carbon rim, yes they are lighter, but when you think of your safety and durability, none of them even come close to our forged aluminum wheels. Just ask any mechanic or technician around you about safety, durability, and price saving compare to our forged aluminum. For more information, click HERE.

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