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Marchesini Forged Magnesium 16.5 Inch Wheels

Marchesini Forged Magnesium 16.5 Inch Wheels

Product Information
Marchesini Forged Magnesium 16.5 Inch Wheels

New Marchesini 10 spoke forged magnesium wheels. Currently used on the WSBK bikes.

  • The forged magnesium wheel is approximately 1 pound lighter per wheel than the cast 5 spoke and offers more stiffness. The rim is also a little lighter which reduces dynamic weight and adds to the overall performance.
  • The forged wheel because it is completely machined also runs very true which improves the performance of the wheel.
  • The forging process used to make the Marchesini wheels uses a precision three piece mould, "closed" die process which is "more expensive and complex," to not only form both sides but also to form the well and bead seat of the wheel. This process makes a superior wheel with higher mechanical properties.
  • The Marchesini forging three piece closed dies are precision, complex, and very expensive. However, you receive the benefit of this investment in technology.
  • The other advantage of the forged wheels is that all surfaces are "machined" which creates a precision wheel. The trueness of a forged wheel adds to the overall performance of the wheel.

Price: $3944.95

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